Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Running roads

I don't like running on the roads! Words I have uttered many times.
Though running this years Marathon crossed my mind. My run training has not been what it should be. Although, Bicycling and light weight training, along with some running, have kept me in pretty good shape. So when I was offered a complimentary entry into the San Antonio Rock and Roll Marathon I took it!
This past weekend I'd go for back to back, semi, long runs to see if I'd go for the full Marathon or settle for the half. Saturday's 10 mile was going well until the fall. Sunday was supposed to be a 12 miler, but turned into a 15 miler at a pretty good clip. Running with new and old friends helps. Monday morning my legs felt good. As did my foot. A pleasant surprise! Monday afternoon chest pain from Saturday's fall came to haunt me. Bruised externally and internally made it difficult to breath deeply. As did stretching my arms. Otherwise I was good!
After some Motrin this morning I was good enough to run roads this afternoon with O. On the wide, smooth, shady streets just north of downtown. We ran an easy 9 minute mile pace. 3 miles on a hilly route on this beautiful cool windy day. Then on to boot camp. During the push up segment of this evening's boot camp workout I laid motionless on my stomach. Couldn't do it, too much pain.
But, I am feeling good about Sunday's Marathon (26 miler). I am wearing trail running garb and carrying a water bottle. I will not rule out jumping curbs and over grass where possible. No great expectations. Under 4 hours will make me happy. If not, finishing is good (under 4 1/2).