Friday, November 12, 2010

Our age

"At our age Tony, S&%t hurts just because"-RV
"Don't get old Tony, it hurts. you won't be able to do much when you get my age" -JZ "At our age Tony, We're just Fighting the slide" -PB
These are some quotes from friends I've heard in the last few years, and have been thinking of lately. The last one is my favorite. Uttered by my good friend Paul on a trip we made with John and JP to run the trails at Big Bend National Park a few years ago.
We, "men of a certain age", and women, seem to begin to come to terms with the passing years and the diminishing physical abilities the passing years leave in their wake. But some give in and give up too soon!
I prefer to see it Paul's way and "dig those nails in and keep fighting the slide"
My fall last week is still causing pain on the left side of my chest. Only when I breath though. Breathe deeply that is. This made me think of those quotes mentioned at the top. I can't let this keep me from running the Marathon Sunday. I'll do what I have to. Take some Tylenol and feel it out. If I run well, great. if the pain slows me down, so be it. heck, the pain my subside by Sunday.
This brings to mind my brother, who after rotator cuff surgery on both shoulders was told, "oh, you can't be active like you used to be anymore." "no way" said my brother. "after re-hab, I'm getting back at it." And he did.
Also, a co-worker, who after heart surgery to replace a bad valve, trained for and hiked to the bottom of the grand Canyon. And back UP!
These guys did this in their late fifties!
I want to be like them!
Oh, but that first quote, Yeah, it's true sometimes.

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