Saturday, October 2, 2010


HOT Rockhoppers weekly Run! I made Thursdays regular club run at Eisenhower park. John and I met early and started at 5 PM. Our usual start time is 5:30. We thought no one else had definitely confirmed, so we began early. "Five easy miles?" John asked . "Sure" I responded. It started easy enough but at 10 minute mile pace, it became a bit to fast for me. I've been off too long. 10 minute mile pace may seem slow, but on trails at Eisenhower it is not so slow(for me). I thoroughly enjoyed being back on the trails. And Eisenhower is pretty, serene, and yet challenging with it's rocky climbs, descents and rooted paths. I LOVED IT! At three miles I still felt good (so did the foot). I told John I needed to go slower. He obliged, but by 4 miles the foot began to hurt. I completed 5 miles thinking I should have stopped at 3. After we were done, we saw Liza's car and waited. It was great to see her, her husband E and Son A walking off the trails as we were leaving. We chatted a bit.
Two days Later and my foot still hurts. Not too bad though but I must take it easy. I'll ride my bike Sunday.
My brother rants and raves about his Birkenstock sandals. I've never given it much thought, then I noticed a friend at work wearing them. I asked, "Are they really that great?"
Although my foot is a little bigger than hers, she let me place my foot in them. Hmmmm.... It felt good! "They mold to the shape of your foot" she said.
I bought some today. They feel good, and the sales person at the store said, "They'll feel better the more you wear them. you won't want to take them off"
I'll let you know.

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