Sunday, October 3, 2010


What a beautiful day today! The morning was cool with a slight breeze, which later turned to a stiff wind coming from the north. I headed out to meet friends for a bicycle ride from Helotes to who knows where. I planned on running in my vibram five fingers,, on the grass around the soccer fields at OP Schnabel park beforehand, but it got late on me. What with drinking coffee, watching the latest news on TV and having breakfast, time just flew by.
At the Tri store in Helotes,Tx I met up with friends. Some I've ridden with lately and some I had not seen in awhile. We discussed the wind and hoped for a head wind heading out so we could ride the wind coming back. The route we chose did not provide this. We rode south through lush farm land dotted with pretty houses towards Rio Medina. Scenes like those in the childhood books I remember reading in elementary school. We moved at a very fast clip with the wind pushing us along. Wheeeeeeeeeee, we were rolling! We took a break at a convenience store where I received tons of advice from all the guys on treating my Plantar Fasciitus. When we decided to turn back two guys were so far ahead, we had to yell, whistle and wave to get there attention.
Heading back we worked together against the wind in a pace line. Taking turns pulling at the front for a spell then drifting back and falling in line to ride the draft. Just like ducks as they fly in formation across the sky as they head south for the winter. Hmmmmm...... I wonder now if the pet Mallard a childhood friend had was one that just couldn't hang with the flock? Come to think of it he'd leave in the spring! WE are south! I guess He hung out with us then flew NORTH for the SUMMER!. Guess he'd hitch a ride with a flock that would take him, or maybe his buddies would pick him up! He did come back in the fall a few times. One season he never returned. Any hoot, we moved pretty quick coming back. We enjoyed camaraderie and teased each other, joked, and laughed before we parted. I then went to OP Schnabel park to run around the soccer fields then stretch. As I ran, there was a team of young soccer players practicing. It brought back memories of my days as a youth soccer coach. As the coach instructed his players on shooting at the goal, he said "Kick the ball hard! Get mad!" Mad? No, I thought. Anger makes you lose control. Oh, well. He was a young coach. Hopefully he'll learn.

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