Monday, December 20, 2010

Decisions, Decisions

What will I use as fuel running the Bandera 100k January 8th? I can't decide. After years of running I am still experimenting. I do know GU does not agree with me. The Hammer products do. Except for Perpetuam. The gels settle in my stomach well and the Recoverite does too. I am thinking I'll carry gels and eat half a sandwich every 10 miles, carry avocado halves with me and partake of what's offered at the aid stations. What kind of sandwiches? Haven't made up my mind yet but they will have green leafy vegetables. I've kept up with my vegan diet for the most part, but have fallen off the wagon on some weekends. My brother in law is such a great cook! He works wonders preparing authentic Mexican cuisine, and loves it! I can't resist! Hey, maybe I'll carry some Flautas with me. Hmmm.

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