Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Deer crossings, and My big toe is Aching!

On last Sunday's run I banged my big left toe on a short stump on the trail and bit the dirt. I YELLED IN PAIN! John helped me up and I barked at the stump a la Curly of the "Three Stooges". I thought I was OK after awhile but today it's aching after a little 4 miler in Leon Creek! Roseanne Rosannadanna was right, "It's Always something"
As I ran at a very fast clip today (for me), I told myself I need to remember not to start this fast at the Bandera 100K in two weeks. I'm fast! But only for short distances, as my buddy Chris stated several times after the Bandera 100K 2 years ago when I came in pacing Liza. This still remains an inside joke, but it's true! As I was cruising along today, I heard a rustling in the brush and two Doe dart across the trail four feet in front of me! I yelled out "OOOOOOHH!" Then two more at another deer crossing!

Watch out for those Deer crossings!

Pretty Leon Creek.

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