Saturday, December 18, 2010

Gone Hunting

My hunting buddies have been asking me to go out with them. Although I love the company and the camping experience, hunting season coincides with trail running season. Wait a minute, trail running season is year 'round. But Trail running is really great in the winter months. And leads up to the Bandera 50 and 100K. My favorite Race!
Well, I did a little hunting of my own this morning. Trying to get in a quick 6 miles before I have to bake cornbread and head out to the family reunion this morning, I hit the trails at Leon Creek. The Deer were abound. In an attempt to keep them fearful of people, I began throwing rocks at those that paused and stared at me. Randy Johnson I am not. My first throw towards a little buck about 30 yards away was high and outside. The second was in the dirt. Finally I got a near strike and the small buck ran. Soon I warmed up and was getting some good shots at a few doe as I ran the trails. Fun! Better than shooting at them. But I do miss going out with my hunting buddies. Well, I'll just invite them over for dinner again soon. I'll tell them about my trail hunting. One will smile and the other will shake his head and recall how I enjoy bird watching when we're supposed to be Deer Hunting.
Gotta get that cornbread going!

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