Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The Head fake worked!

But I couldn't keep up with my feet.
Boot Camp with my co-workers today was held at San Pedro park. "steal the Bacon" was a game we played at the end. Object of the game is to steal the bacon, in this case a plastic ring, and take it back to your side without being caught. Two players on opposite sides and equal distance from the "bacon" run to grab the "bacon". Neither player may touch the other until someone touches the bacon. Once a player touches the bacon however, the other player may tag him/her. If a player is able to grab the bacon and carry it back over to his/her own side,without being tagged, that team wins that round. It was me against the Boot-camp instructor!
I grabbed the "bacon", chucked and jived, head faked, and spun around on my way to my side when my feet got tangled up and I tripped!
Are you OK? I was asked. Yeah, I banged my hip. I'll feel it tomorrow. But I've had nastier falls on the trails.
I almost got away.
Had fun with my co-workers on the last day of boot-camp for the year.

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Jeff Farrell said...

I'm sure my Grandparents used to make out in San Pedro Park in the mid-thirties when they were courting