Monday, December 13, 2010

Pesky valves and hard Clif bars

It was COLD this morning. 32 degrees at 7 AM, and probably a bit cooler out at Government Canyon. I worked with a guy from Canada that said he could withstand sub freezing temps up there with no problem but he would shiver down here in breezy 40 degree weather because of the high humidity. Shivering I was this morning, as I set out for a 4 hour run. Trying to take a sip from my Nathan bladder, the valve wouldn't release! I tried a few times before I jumped back in the truck where it was warm. I wrestled with it for a good ten minutes before I got it right. Nothing wrong with the valve. Just user error. 10 miles into the run it was time for a Clif bar. Eating it was like chewing on my wallet! Tasty though. I wonder if carrying them in my arm pit when its freezing would be a good idea? The temperature had risen but still cold. I changed my route when I realized the original was not going to keep me out on the trails four hours. The golden cheek warbler is south for the winter or not mating (not sure which) because we are presently allowed to run up in the "Back Country." We don't frequent this area much, and I missed a turn! Reaching "Cave Creek" I took a right onto it and picked up the pace. I'm alone, I Gotta get out of here quick. Cave Creek is very rocky and I can't help but think there has to be more snakes than the one I've seen on this rocky wooded trail. Good thing I missed the turn. It turned todays run into a 3 hour 56 minute 19.6 mile run. Had Tom and "O" been with me, I could have watched them run laps around the parking lot to reach the 20 mile mark.

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