Sunday, December 26, 2010

Speed work

After reading my friend Liza's blog, I laughed when she tells of getting up out of a chair like a 97 year old woman after running roads. I felt the same man getting off my truck after getting home from today's run. It wasn't road but just may as well have been. We ran a 15+ miler on the Leon Creek paved path. A short 1+ mile section was on trail where we lost John. He just couldn't take it anymore! John stayed on the trails and I tried my best to keep Tom and Annabelle in sight. The pace was fast but I needed this. I kept saying to myself "this will help me on the approximately 30k flat section of the Bandera 100K." Annabelle asked for advice on running the 100k in two weeks and all I could offer was, "Power hike the steep hills from the very beginning." I think she'll be OK.
I don't really know what our pace was today (I left my garmin in the truck), but we finished our run in under 2 1/2 hours, with a couple of brief breaks. That's MOVING for me. I'm fast, but only for short distances!

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