Tuesday, December 28, 2010


So as I'm leaving work today, a co-worker sarcastically says to me " I'll bet you're going out to run in this nasty weather today." Sure, I said. It's not too bad. 60 degrees and a light drizzle. Perfect!
Well when I got home the treadmill winked at me. So I turned on the tube, watched the news, and ran 3 miles while I randomly raised and lowered the incline. Tube? Did I say that? They aren't tubes anymore! Young kids don't know that term I'm sure.
Is it me or does it seem like you're running faster than what the digital readings on the treadmill tell you? I don't see how anyone can run on these things very long. A friend of mine once did all his training for a marathon on a treadmill. I can't keep my eyes off the numbers on the panel! I sure didn't catch all the news since I'm preoccupied on the mileage readout. No patience, and I'm not too good at multitasking.

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