Thursday, January 13, 2011

First post Bandera run.

My recovery has been going well. Sunday after the race, it was as though I couldn't get my fill of water! I must have downed ten 16 oz. bottles. Monday was the same, less a bottle or two. And, I brushed the Vegan diet aside, eating beef, chicken and a little cheese. Figured my body could use it. It was three days before my stiff legs loosened up completely.
Finally felt good yesterday (Wednesday) and great today! I went out for a two miler early this morning, in almost freezing temps. It felt good. Afterward, my thighs were tingling and I felt really tired, but am much better now after a 10 minute snooze.
Looking forward to this weekend. We're getting some of the group together for a run. Hmm, wonder how long we're running.
But before that, Freetail Brewery tonight for some post Bandera stories. Looking forward to hearing how everyone else is recovering.

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