Saturday, January 15, 2011

Taxed lungs

The past three days I've had a hacking cough. My lungs want to expel the cedar pollen they sucked in last Saturday. Usually the mountain cedar that dots the Texas Hill Country doesn't bother me much. This year though it was heavy during the 100K run last week. Although, I do remember previous years when I could see it floating in the air in the gleam of my headlamp at night. This year as I ran up the trail, I noticed what seemed like smoke coming from behind a tree. Who the heck would be smoking out here, I asked myself. Later as I mentioned to my pacer that I thought I was hearing a squeaky toy (my wheezing) as I ran, I realized it was cedar pollen I had seen. The rains this weekend should knock some of that pollen off the trees, I hope. The pollen was not as thick as this photo but this gives you an idea what I'm talking about. My lungs are hacking less now. Fortunately this stuff will be gone by mid February. I'm heading out for a short run this morning while the rain is light.

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Gillion said...

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