Thursday, February 24, 2011


She was excited about coming out to run at Eisenhower nature park. Sabrina is new to trail running and was looking forward to meeting us for our group run today. She got lost driving to the park and called apologizing and insinuated she'd understand if we'd just go on with out her. Heck no! I thought. I told S we'd wait for her. It's always fun to introduce someone new to trail running.
S arrived and we were off. I told her the first mile is a climb, and to let us know if/when she needed to walk. She chuckled. when we hit the climb I slowed the pace and power hiked as S asked "can I run?" Then I chuckled.
We ran the outer loop of Eisenhower which is 3 miles. At the 2 mile mile mark we are at the steepest and rockiest climb. When S saw it she remarked "Oh my God!" I told her, "Its the last climb I promise." It was great to hear her say "But it's fun, I like it".
As we finished the run, S was smiling but looked at me in amazement when I said "you did good! We need to stretch even though it was only a 3 mile run"
Only a 3 mile run!?
I hope she comes back. I think she will.
Afterward at Willies, John and I caught up with Chris and Brian. We shared great laughs and trail running jive.

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