Sunday, February 20, 2011

Supporting the local races.

The crowd was small at the Eisenhower 10K trail run today. Many folks were out at the Austin Marathon. This made for a really nice laid back race with lots of elbow room. There may have been 60 runners at the race this morning. I met some new friends. Trail races are cool like that. I met Mark who was at his very first race. I set him at ease by assuring him that his longest run of five miles was enough for him to do well at the 6.1 mile event. I explained to him that When training for an event, you don't "train" the event. In other words, you don't run the full distance of your upcoming event while training. I also met Scott who is new to trail running and was wearing the "Merrell Trail glove" He was impressed with the trail experience but remarked that "you have to look where your stepping." Scott took home a souvenir, a sweet looking scrape on his knee.
Have I ever mentioned that I always start too fast? Well, I do. and I did today. I'm like that little puppy who's been penned up and is let out to play. It felt so good. Not so good when people you've passed early on sneak up on you and pass you later. Only one guy did that to me today though. I managed to take third place in my age group. Always a big event for me to place. It doesn't happen very often. Sure, there were not many runners, but hey! The event was publicized. They must have been ducking me. :-)
I met Vidal post race. Vidal ran his first ultra at the Bandera 100K last month and is running his next one at Nueces 50 miler next month. We had a great time exchanging Bandera experiences.
Bart puts on great races. There was Live Music, Beer, Hamburgers on ciabatta bread just off the grill, honey milk, fruit, chips, etc, and live music. Barts next race is the Salado 8 mile trail race With a buffet lunch, and the same great music by the "Chingatos"
Support your local races!

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