Wednesday, February 9, 2011


“You know, One day we’re gonna have to let her go.”
Those were words spoken to me by our friend John after a Sunday morning run with Liza Howard some years ago. He said this because he and those in our group knew how talented she was very soon after she began running with us. And that she would go on to great things in the realms of Trail Running. I remember saying something like, “yeah, she’s a very talented runner. She’s gonna do very well in Trail races. And she’ll be pulled away. But somehow, I believe she’ll never truly leave us. Liza is a genuinely good, caring, and wonderful person. “
The win at the Rocky Raccoon 100 miler last weekend was another great performance by Liza. First Female and fifth overall! She still remains humble and thankful to all those that were there for her, and also those that couldn't be there but sent well wishes. She recognizes and thanks her old, new, and future friends with true fondness and passion. We wouldn’t expect anything less. That’s the Liza we know.
And what is she looking forward to this week? Our group run, so she can share her stories with us. How fortunate we are.
Liza is now an outdoor Ambassador for New Balance! Well deserved. She’s Bonafide! New Balance is fortunate to have her too. As is the Trail Running community.
She’s our friend. And she’s Genuine.


gsluffey said...

I remember the one time I ran with you guys and Liza stayed with me the whole time. She was still recovering from having Asa, but I'm sure I was slowing her down. She is an inspiration. How is your recovery going? Hope to see you all again soon. -Greg

Tony Maldonado said...

Recovery is going great! Thanks! The last three days have been pain free. I got two runs in too!