Sunday, February 6, 2011

Trail running jones

As long as I have been forced to take some training down time I may as well go all out. Grilled Chicken and Sausage are on tap for today's meal. Of course I'll include some good stuff too. Pinto beans, Open fire baked potatoes, raw Bok choy, and Guacamole! The chicken is free range and the sausage is Kiolbassa with no MSG, No sodium Nitrate. You've got to believe the Kiolbassa folks. They're good South Texas folks who's Polish ancestors came to this area over 160 years ago.
I've got to get back on the trail soon. A walk on the Leon creek trails this afternoon was a quick fix. Trails are in my blood. Must be something I've inherited from my ancestors who've been here a while too. And who hit the northern bound trails way back in the day. My meal today may have resembled their meal (substitute Mesguite Beans for the bok choy)

Photo from "The Traildrivers of Texas"

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