Friday, February 4, 2011

One eye

Thursday morning I checked in to the hospital to have the Pterygiam removed from my left eye. My pre-op nurse was a very nice lady of my approximate age. We shared stories about each other as she took my vitals. I like listening to peoples life stories. We were sharing and smiling when all of a sudden a look of shock came over her. She noted my pulse was 39! "they like to see at least a 40 something" She said. Then she asked if I have seen a cardiologist. I explained to her that I am a runner. She was still skeptical and asked how much I run. "Oh about 30-40 miles a week." I said. She calculated how much that was per day. I told her most of it is on the weekend though. Again she asked how much. Her mouth opened as I told her 12 -15 on each day of the weekend, then her jaw dropped when I told her I ran a 62 mile at Bandera last month. She then mentioned her daughters friend ran that race. She wondered whether he had been pulling her leg. She couldn't imagine anyone running that far. She calmed down, shook her head as she looked at me, and wrote down 43 as my pulse.
The surgery went well and I was sent home after an hour in recovery. Those of us who are fortunate enough to have two healthy eyes take for granted how they work in unison. As I write this I am having a little difficulty focusing with one eye.
I've got to get to the Doctor this morning to have my patched eye freed, but the main roads are closed due to ice and snow on the road!
I know some back roads I can take. I hope the Doc can get to the office.

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