Tuesday, February 1, 2011

And Windy has wings to fly

The digital sign at the street corner reads 34 degrees as we started our run. O and I headed north on our 3.5 out and back pre-boot camp run. Flags on poles were whipping violently in the stiff north wind, tugging on the cable as though wanting to break free. Our route begins on San Pedro Ave. just north of downtown San Antonio. The road is wide with not much to block the wind. Cutting through the San Antonio college campus there are large trees to help block the biting wind but this doesn't last Long. We're back on a wide street running uphill into the wind. I'm wearing long pants but O is in shorts. I am tempted to ask O if he'd like to cut it a bit short. Then, I do. His response was one I wanted to hear, but would not have argued if he had agreed. We continued on even though O said his legs felt numb as a result of the cold wind biting them.
Ah, relief and relax as we turn around. Now with the wind at our backs we pick up the pace. Running near a school, kids are running to cars as their parents arrive for them. Always aware more the usual when running on the road, I watch for stationary and moving cars. As I run by a parked car the drivers door suddenly opens in front of me. My trail running skills come into play as I jump to the left out of the way just in time. "Excuse me! I'm sorry!" says the lady. I wave in a manner that I hope she interprets as, no problem.
Arriving back at our building for boot camp, the sign reads 31 degrees.

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