Saturday, January 29, 2011

Run Forever

Sometimes I feel Like I could run forever.
Late morning I left the house for a run of 2 hours. Hitting the street for one mile of road running on my way to nearby Leon Creek.
It was cool as "The Doors" played on my iPod. The deer were prancing through the woods. Allowing me to get near but never close. Most of my run was through the nature trails with short sprints on the paved path to get to other trails. On the pavement, other runners cheerfully smiled and said hello. The girl with the pink vibram five fingers said, "I like yours!" about my fluorescent green Newtons, after I pointed to her feet and told her "I like those"
The neighbor out for a walk, waved and said, "Hey Tony!"
Courteous mountain bikers slowed as they saw me coming. I moved off the trail and let them by. They thanked me as all five of them whizzed on by, one by one in their High tech garb and fancy glasses.
The Doors gave way to Steely Dan. The deer to the man with the Giant Schnauzers.
At the end of the trail, a young boy on a bike says Hi. I hit the road for the one mile back home.
A very nice run this morning. Sprinkled with very nice people. And animals too.
Sometimes I feel Like I want to keep running, forever.

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