Tuesday, January 25, 2011

What a drag it is getting old

I pride myself in being able to do things many my age cannot. Or will not. I feel young and try to act young but the fact is I am over the hill and fighting the slide. At 52 my body is starting to show signs of age. I am flattered at times by friends who say I look younger than my age but most of these friends are entering middle age. I don't want to be younger unless I can go back to 16. Not to change things but it was so much fun then! Although fun can be had throughout our lives.
Today's visit to the doctor was to address my Pterygiam :a fleshy mass of thickened conjunctiva that grows over part of the cornea usually from the inner side of the eyeball and causes a disturbance of vision--merriam-webster. I had been putting this off for years but now it has worsened.
Pterygiam is a result of excessive exposure to sun and wind. I have spent most of my life outdoors. I am like a caged animal indoors. Always have been. As a kid I was out the door before dawn. As I got older I wore sunglasses mostly to look cool. But with my large face I couldn't, and still have trouble, finding sunglasses that fit well and are comfortable enough. Thus, I would pull them off or simply not wear them. And this is also the case with clothing. Collars bother me. Sleeves bother me. I would much rather run around shirtless if I could. I understand Anton Krupicka running shirtless. I'd like to too. But I don't have the lean body he does.
Back to the Doctor visit. I am scheduled for surgery to remove the Pterygiam on my left eye first (the worst one), on Thursday of next week. I was told I could not lift anything over 10 Lbs for a week. "Can I run?" I asked. No was the answer. Walk, I was told. Oh well, it's only a week. I became frustrated a bit. Leaving the Doctor's office, I took out my frustrations with a run at Friedrich park.


gsluffey said...

Sorry to hear of your needed surgery. I'm also frustrated...PF is back (I'm not getting any younger either). Here's to a speedy recovery. -Greg

Tony Maldonado said...

Thanks Greg

Tony Maldonado said...
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