Saturday, March 12, 2011


Going through my mail today I was reminded, I am a senior! Not as a student but as a person. I have been receiving mail offering me senior discounts, AARP membership and the like for some time now. My friends are calling me old man. Another friend at work who trains new employees and is my age recently stated he has come to resent students remarks about how they weren't even born when he refers to certain points in his career. We had a discussion about it and in the end we were able to laugh at ourselves and at the youngsters.
I've written about this before, but it keeps hitting me in the face. The mail and comments keep coming. My body at times resists the physical demands I put on it.
The worst thing I can do is succumb. I read some stats recently on growing old and staying happy. The one that stood out was the last one. "Come to terms with your age."
I'll keep laughing. Relish in my small victories and the fact that I am still physically able to run and bike. And I'll keep pushing the body, albeit in a slightly modified way.
I'm off to run 6 miles and then hit the weights for upper body maintenance. I won't let my muscles go without a fight!

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