Sunday, March 20, 2011

Spring is here.

Friday was a good day. 40 Miles of bicycle riding in the Texas Hill Country with friends. And grabbing a bite to eat at Alamo Springs Cafe at the top of a hill out in the middle of nowhere.
Yesterday I introduced a new trail runner to Government Canyon State Natural area. An easy 5 mile tour. Then I caught up with an old buddy. We hung out in his garage and worked on replacing the front brake pads and rotor on my Honda. It's always great hanging out with Sal. He and I go way back to adolescence. Sal is a jack of all trades. Handy man extraordinaire, an outdoorsman, and a motorcyclist. His new Honda Valkyrie 1500 is a thing of beauty. He was also once a runner, and the person who helped me complete my first long distance run by just being there, so we can relate on that level too.
Later I prepared a Thai stir fry that was a hit at home, then I was out cutting down some Prickly pear cactus in the greenbelt behind my house and raking up the Live Oak leaves in the back yard. Chores I've been neglecting for some time. Whew! Was that tiring! No wonder I've put them on the back burner.
I had to go out and relax with some running on the trails this morning. John and I leisurely ran at Government Canyon in what seemed to be 90 percent humidity. Spring is here in South Texas.

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