Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Old Guys Rule

My first thought as we hit the trails at McAllister park this afternoon was, I've got to jump over the roots or I'll fall. Roots everywhere. Whoa,there's a big one! Another one elevated inches off the ground, get up! Wait a minute! I'm on a bike!
Some buddies at work who I used to ride with years ago have been telling me about all the fun they've been having Mountain biking. I couldn't take it anymore! I wanted to go out and have fun with them. This past Sunday I washed the 6 year old mud that was on my mountain bike, install a seat, and I couldn't decide what pedals to install. Clip or clip-less. What the heck, I'm going all the way. Clip-less it is.
What fun! Fast Twisting, winding, up, down, ruts, rocks! I did chicken out on the steep downhill drops though.
I thought and exclaimed to my friends, "You all can still ride for old guys!"
Lib was the young one at 48 and John was the senior at 62 years old! Mike and I fell in between.
Awesome afternoon.

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