Friday, April 1, 2011

New Balance in town

Yesterday we had one of our largest groups in quite some time at Eisenhower park for our weekly run. Liza was entertaining the New Balance guys from Boston. She invited them out to our group run because they wanted to talk to folks who run, but don't get anywhere near winning, ultra marathons.
The NB guys visiting were shoe engineers, product designers, and marketing reps. Two of them ran with us and asked questions of the group on our 5 miler. We gave our opinions on what makes a good shoe while recounting some of the ultra-runs we've done all over the country. Of course we also told them about the great person and runner Liza is. And how much we enjoy being her training friends. Which makes me think of how Liza was, Just Liza. The same old pal she is as always. Not trying to be pretentious or putting on airs in front of these New Balance big shots. Not that we thought she would. But in an artificial world containing artificial people, It is so refreshing to be associated with such a great person. Pretty much the content of our group too, Real people!

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