Tuesday, April 26, 2011

It is so hot..................................

The fire ants are carrying personal fans!
-Johnny Carson
It didn't get as hot as the local weather guy predicted. Only 94 degrees! It was breezy, but boy was that a WARM breeze! It felt like a restaurant"s outdoor exhaust fan. We lucked out on the humidity though. Only about 65 percent. Not bad by south Texas standards. The heat training has begun!
Oh, and the weirdest thing I've seen on trail? A mid 60ish woman in a full length skirt, a long sleeve blouse, head scarf, carrying groceries in both arms, walking down the trail in 94 degree weather!


Running on Heavy said...

It was pretty hot in Austin, too!! I am dreading training in July and August!

Tony Maldonado said...

Just go at it slow, and as my Uncle Henry used to say, "Don't let it bother you!"