Thursday, April 28, 2011

You don't need a strong foot to ride a bike!

So a friend asked me today, "Hey Tony, have you been on the new trails the city is building around town?" Yes I said. I've been on the Leon Creek trails, the Salado Creek trails and the Mission trails. They are great you'd love them, You've got to get out there Dave! "No. I can't do that. because of health reasons."
Health reasons? Dave said his foot and ankle are weak. "Come on now, your walking right now Dave." "And not limping." How do we get healthier and make our joints stronger? We exercise them! We make them work! Dave said he sees the doctor next week and will know if his ankle, which was sprained some time back is good to go. I suggested riding a bike. Dave's response? "I have a bike, but it's still in the box. Been there for two years. I don't think I can ride it. My foot is too weak."
YOU DON"T NEED A STRONG FOOT TO RIDE A BIKE! You need to help yourself Dave!
I'm sorry, but I think sometimes people just make excuses for not exercising.
Unlike my buddy Roger who has been struggling with his weight most of his adult life. Roger recently hurt his knee walking/running as he jumped down off a rock. He slowed down, but did not stop walking. His knee is getting better every day. He's still walking and exercising.
All you need, is the will to make your body stronger.

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