Sunday, May 1, 2011

Feel good training

The Back to back trail runs this weekend felt good. 11+ on Saturday with Tom and John began in the dark at OP Schnabel park. Spooky eyes everywhere as the deer were stirring and wondering "who the heck are these guys with headlamps?" And the little baby possum running for his life up a small tree as Tom teased him by shaking the tree and telling him "go, go, go!" Tom and I were feeling it and We finished up with a fast paced last two miles.
Sunday it was 9.98 for Jean and maybe 9.78 for Brian, Chris, Liza, and I (we didn't detour). But we'll call it ten. Although Chris and I tried to convince the others that any fraction of a mile over an even one will be rounded up to the next mile. Even 9.2 would be 10.
It was great to have Liza back after her teaching stint in New Mexico. Among our good conversation, she mentioned an article she read on feel good training. The gist of it was that we should train as we feel and it should feel good. Of course lying on the couch feels good too. But it also feels good when one is fit enough to run hard or long, and perform well. Yes, we must suffer a little at times while training but not to the point where we won't want to go out and run again soon or where we are dreading the next training run.
This is what I try to convey to people who ask for my advice on beginning a training plan or if they're trying to improve. Run as you feel. Don't be a slave to the clock or your Garmin. Sure, it's nice to know how far or how fast you've run, but don't let that be the only reason you run. Sometimes you feel exceptionally great!. On those days push the envelope. Not feeling so great? On those days get into a comfortable pace and enjoy the scenery. And if you're feeling too fatigued? On those days, REST!


Running on Heavy said...

I agree about listening to your body and doing what it tells you to do. I went through a phase where I would push too much and then didn't want to run because I felt burnt out. Older and wiser now so I do it just because I love it.

Take care!
Running on Heavy

Tony Maldonado said...

While loving yourself too ROH!