Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Forgot My Shoes!

I was all set this morning as I left for work. Today was boot camp day and I packed my shorts shirt and NEW SOCKS! I looked forward to running this afternoon with O and E on the roads in the Monte Vista area of San Antonio on this unusually cool day. We rarely have weather this cool in May here in south Texas. 70 for a high with very low humidity.
I arrive at work and while unloading my gear, I realized "I forgot my shoes! Oh no!"
I really look forward to the boot-camp because it forces me to challenge muscles I usually neglect. As runners we sometimes forget how important weight bearing exercises are. We sometimes work with light weights but mostly work with our own body weight. I have seen the benefits of this type exercise on my running. I've always known this, but I need that push.
Oh well, Lunch today was very nice though. I had lunch with two co-workers at "Greens" This restaurant serves vegetables they grow! You walk through their garden to the front door. I had the Monks plate. Quinoa, Kale, and Black beans, Yum! And one of my friends gave me her uneaten half Quinoa burrito. Quinoa, beans, avocado,
spinach, beans sprouts, and red onions in an organic wrap!
I did run today. 6 miles at OP Schnabel park. Fueled by Quinoa! Very nice.

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