Sunday, June 12, 2011

great weekend, great people

I feel very fortunate to have such wonderful friends. Old and new. Friday I visited with a friend I've had since early childhood. Very Early! Nancy and I have been friends since pre-school (when I used to sing to her). I was sweet on her then. :-) We continued a great relationship through the years. You know you have a true friend when although you have not spoken in over 15 years, you can pick up where you left off. Nancy and I visited for over two hours and every moment was very enjoyable. She's still sweet.
Saturday I volunteered at the Texas Folklife festival. Helping my old church to raise funds for the parish. An old friend showed up! I have not seen Joe C in more than 30 years! He strolled in ready to help and politely said Hi to everyone. I said "hey Joe how's it going?" He took a second look and with a smile on his face responded "Maldonado!" We caught up.
Working the Gordita booth was interesting. But not as interesting as the people watching at the Festival. People are so funny. The majority are very nice. The little old lady who wanted a specially prepared fruit cup was sweet and patient. The young Asian girl with the perfect Spanish pronunciation, The lady who wanted to be positive her Gordita was made with PURE corn masa. The young ladies "strutting their stuff."
Later in the day it was our running group's inaugural picnic. A fantastic time with great people and great food. We have such a wonderful group. We recognized the group's grand Pu-Ba, John P. who is responsible for starting the group 6 years ago. It's grown from 3 members to about 15. Tom presented him with a gift we can all contribute to in the future, One of HIS TOENAILS! Long distance trail runners lose toenails all the time, so John can rest assured he'll add to his collection.
Today Tom and I ran in Leon Creek. We headed south from Bandera road. Usually we head north. It was a nice change of pace. We ran beyond the paved trail and into the Leon Creek rock bed. Tom and I engaged in great conversation.
Another friend I can share myself with. The best possession one can have, a truly wonderful personal relationship. And I am fortunate to have several.

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