Thursday, June 9, 2011

Heat, drooling, treasures

Running shirtless in today's heat felt good. I only run shirtless when they're aren't too many people around and in 90+ degree weather, but it feels so nice. We ran our usual pre-boot camp road route today. E, O and I have run this route so many times and only today we noticed a pomegranate tree on our route. We decided to pick a few (they were hanging out into the street), as we tried to be quite and stealth like, E, who's wearing head phones, shouts out to O, "WE NEED TO GET YOUR MOM TO PLANT SOMES SEEDS!" SHHHHH!
After boot camp back at work I headed out to IKE to run trails with our group. Arriving I saw Kelli's SUV and my jaw dropped and I began drooling as I saw the decal on her rear window! R2R2R! Where did she get that? I want One! I've got to find her on the trail NOW!
I met up with Tim and his G'friend in the parking lot. We talked about Tim's upcoming Ultra. His first. I offered some advice as I accompanied them for 3 miles into Tim's 12 miler today. I didn't see Kelli and her SUV was gone when I got back to the parking lot.
I caught up with her, Joe, and Chris at our usual watering hole. I pleaded with her to tell me where she got the decal! Another friend had them made after he also ran the Grand Canyon from the South rim to the North rim to the South rim. She'll try to get me one.
We spoke of her and Joe's recent experience and I reminisced on mine. We agreed it was an experience like no other and how we will always remember it and those that were with us.
You never forget those that experienced the same feat with you, and or helped you complete a long distance event. Whether your first 10K, Marathon, an ultra or an adventure run. These are people and memories you will always Treasure.

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