Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Injuries abound

Seems like most of my group is injured. Broken bones in the foot, detached tendons in the ankle, pain on the ball of the foot, stitches on the top of the head due to a run in with a low hanging branch on the trail. Well, That's the nature of the beast. Run long enough and you're bound to have an injury or two at some point.
Me? No injuries, just can not get in any kind of rythym. Oh, I've been running 20 to 25 miles a week which is "ok" but there is no set pattern. And I've been road biking on some Sunday's. I guess it's ok. Maybe I'm out of whack because I've been following an exercise program from Ben Greenfields book, "shape 21." it's an exercise program that changes everyday and geared to someone trying to lose weight but I find it beneficial to build strength too. I've lost a little weight. Maybe too much. A coworker asked me yesterday if I was at the company boot camp in hopes of gaining weight!
I can definitely tell I've gained strength. Maybe the workouts coupled with the bootcamp have contributed to some fatigue, thus hindering my running training. I'll stop the strength training soon to begin training for my next BIG trail run, the Cactus Rose 50 Miler.
Today I ran alone thinking of my running buddies, fantasizing about running into one. Then I saw an image of one in my mind wearing a cool looking blue cast around his ankle.

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