Saturday, July 16, 2011

Late Friday night race

San Antonio, Friday night, 100 degrees in the shade. Good time for a race? Apparently 800+ people thought so. I expected maybe 100 or so. The number of people there last night for the 7:30 PM start was a surprise. It's great I think. The running community is growing here in San Antonio and Bart Childers' Scallywompus events put on great races. I hope he continues to have success and his events stay around a long time.
I wanted to do well running the 10K and ate light throughout the day, plus I hydrated all day. I must have drank over a gallon of water after noon leading up to the evening start. I also had a drink made from water, Chia seeds, freshly squeezed lemon juice, and a little stevia mid afternoon.
Before the race I hung out with Elan-Or, the Justins, and Pam, who were also running. John was there to cheer us on.
Just before the race start I had 16 oz. of coconut water and decided to run without a handheld bottle. I could have used the handheld.
I started out a bit to fast but settled in to a comfortable pace about mile 3. The race was on the paved trails of the Leon Creek greenbelt. There are two short bridges where the trail crosses over the dry creek bed. These bridges are constructed with steel and concrete. You wouldn't think they'd give. But they do! As I ran across the first one I thought the heat was getting to me as a feeling of lightheadedness seemed to come over me. Oh no! Then I realized it was the bridge slightly moving up and down. Some people would later say they felt sick to there stomach after the bridge crossing. Tom was working the aid station at the turn around and had written "GO Tony" in chalk along with "GO Kelli" (who won the woman's division) on the pavement.
Edgar and Richard yelled out my name as they rode by on bicycles serving as race marshalls.
Reaching the finish line John was there offering me a high five. I crossed the finish line at 48:12, good enough for third place in the 50-59 age category and a Growler as an award.
It was fun hanging out with many friends who were there running, spectating, and volunteering.
I often comment on how a friend once told me, "Just go out and have fun, Because after you're done, There won't be any pretty girls handing you flowers"
After the race, Tom had Kelli hand me a bunch of flowers.
Great friends. Thanks guys!

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Running on Heavy said...

Sounds like a great race! Congrats on your 3rd place finish :-)