Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Energy sans injury

Out for a 6 miler this afternoon and it was hot! The poor deer can't even get a good days sleep. They are all over looking for water no doubt.
To my surprise I was able to maintain a swift pace today. I wonder if it's the coconut milk I've been drinking lately. I have more energy than usual. One thing I do know is I've been running strong and not hurting anywhere in my body. Unlike last year when I had a groin injury, Plantar Fasciitis, and just plain fatigue. I pondered this after a 17 miler last Sunday with Tom and the only thing I've done different is attend the boot-camp twice weekly at work. Justin, our trainer, is really good at changing things up. Each boot-camp is different except that at every session we perform squats. Standard squats, forward squats, reverse squats, and side squats. Or are those lunges? Anyway, Some are fast, some slow, some with weights and some without. This I think has given me more leg and core strength.
I have to be careful not to speak too soon though. Today I twisted my ankle. Not too bad. I ran it off and I hope it passes as quickly as my foot injury this past Sunday did.
After the run with Tom, V and I took the grandkids to the Movies. I was seated at the end of the row next to the aisle. As a woman turned in to go to her seat down my row she missed a step and fell to her knees with one of her knees slamming down on my foot! It hurt really bad and I moaned. This woman went down on her knees in an attempt to keep her two cokes and popcorn from falling on me. Thankfully the coke cups were covered and popcorn doesn't hurt. With a grimace on her face she asked if my foot was OK. Seeing the pain in her face I quickly said I was OK and asked her how she was and if she could get up. Her teenage daughter and I tried to help her get up as she squinted her eyes and said she wasn't sure she could. Again she asked how my foot was. I ignored my pain and tried to comfort her. She was just as embarrassed as she was hurt. And half the theatre gawking at us was no help. She stood up and with he help of her daughter took her seat.
The pain in my foot subsided but the pain of having to sit through the showing of the Transformers never did. Save your money and buy Cuervo (a saying an old boss of mine repeated frequently).
That night the pain in my foot returned. I took some ibuprofen before bed and was Ok in the morning.

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