Saturday, July 2, 2011

My Heroes!

My Aunt Hope is in town today. She's on her way back home to Denver City after a short visit to Corpus Christi visiting my cousin. My Mom's little sister and the two remaining "girls" from Mom's side of the family (13 siblings), was the cause of a few cousins getting together for brunch. The three aunts range in age from 63 (aunt hope, pictured) to 85.
I commented to aunt Hope about how she looks good and seems to have lost weight. She's lost 25 Lbs! How? By exercising and cutting back on carbs and sugars. She told us how her diabetes was worsening and she was at the point of going up a dress size. This she could not accept. Aunt Hope decided she had to take action to take care of her self naturally. The decision to be more active and to eat healthier was one that I applaud. Her diabetes is well under control without medication and is almost non existent. The way I see it, She turned off the gene that makes her susceptible to diabetes.
So many people just throw their arms up and resign themselves to a life on prescription drugs. Not Aunt hope! She gets on her stationary bicycle daily, tends to her garden, and eats right.
Aunt Fran who is 85 still gets around too. A little slower these days but she loves to be out and about.
My Aunt Rosa, (74 yrs. young) told us how her Doctor was surprised at her vitals and her blood work numbers. Everything in check. The Doctor asked her what she eats. "Beer and peanuts mostly." she responded laughing loudly.
Aunt Rosa does love her beer. But she also rises early, walks 1 mile everyday and also tends to her garden. She eats well too, along with her peanuts and beer.
I think besides their decision to live a healthy lifestyle, my aunts are also very happy people. People who love family, love to laugh at themselves, talk, and give hugs.


Running on Heavy said...

So great that your Aunt has adopted a healthy lifestyle and isn't relying on prescription drugs to do the work for her! Very inspirational!!!

Happy 4th of July to you!!!

Tony Maldonado said...

:-) Happy fourth! To You!