Sunday, July 31, 2011

Think it, and it will happen.

Today it was REALLY humid. If you're from around these parts, 50 to 60 percent humidity is not too bad. Today the humidity must have been over 80 percent. That IS a bit too high. Now I know how some of my friends feel when they're soaking wet with perspiration. I usually don't perspire much but today I was soaked! At least I found out my cooling system works well.
I have decided to run with a heart rate monitor to keep from going out too fast (a problem that always plagues me, especially at races). Trying to keep in zone 2, I headed out for a 17 mile trail run on the familiar Leon Creek trails. John sent me a text last night and asked if I'd run by OP Schnabel park to meet him so he could run about 3 miles with me. As I came out of the woods and on to the parking lot at the park, I see John sitting on his truck's tailgate swinging his legs like a 5 year old kid. He hops off when he sees me, and thinking I did not want to slow down, he hurried to run with me. I was in no hurry. We greeted each other and walked to the trailhead back to the creek. It was great to have John's company for three miles. we caught up on things. Although we were running at an easy pace, the 3 miles went by too fast. John bid me farewell and I continued on as I remarked "I hope I see a snake!" John responded, "You will."
Another thing I have to work on is fueling. I am notorious for not eating, hydrating, and replenishing with electrolytes early enough. I have suffered on many a run and race because of this. While running, I get in a trance where my mind begins to wander and when the thought of fuel does cross my mind I think, "I'm OK." I made it a point to consciously think about drinking and taking in electrolytes today. The food? Well I waited a bit too long. Gels and power bars don't do it for me anymore (except for an occasional LARA bar). I had my own trail mix creation of Pumpkin seeds, goji berries, sesame seeds, walnuts and almonds, and also some dates.
At mile 13 I thought I should eat something so I stopped to take in some dates. I pulled them out of my Nathan hydration pack pouch, put two in my mouth, and as I began to run again, THERE IT WAS! And it was a beauty! Thanks John!

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