Sunday, August 7, 2011

Riding with old friends

Today I rode with some old riding buddies. Mike, John C, his wife the good Doctor Adelita, and John P.
It's been a long time since I've ridden with these guys. We rode south of San Antonio on some quiet rural roads. I couldn't help remembering great times we had in the past on many a bike ride. Mike and I rode the MS 150 Bike to The Beach years ago. I recalled how we were really pushing the envelope and I was talking to Mike as he drafted me. I got little response. When we stopped at an aid station, Mike said he couldn't talk much because his tongue was hanging out and flapping against his back! He was being facetious of course, but we had trained well that year and we were moving!
I told John P. that it was John C. who pushed me into long distance running. John C. encouraged me to run beyond the 5 and 10K's. He actually challenged me. And teased me by saying, "you're not a runner until you run a Marathon." This is not true, but it was John's way to motivate me. Now that I am an ultra runner he thinks I'm crazy!
I was on my bike today because I've been having some lower back pain. As I write this I am listening to Dr Vijay Vad on PBS. He is a back specialist and says Sitting for hours on end, as most of us do, and stress is a big contributor to back pain. Funny, I ran into an old friend yesterday and asked him if he still has his chronic back pain. He said he started making notes on when his pain was the worst. His findings? Christmas, Thanksgiving, Birthdays, etc.
I think mine is due to running on concrete too much too hard and heavy weight training. I've got to ease up.
Dr. Vad Also said that walking is one of the best ways to exercise the back! And we must reduce inflammation in the body by eating a healthier diet! Mainly increase Omega 3 fatty acids.
But I won't go there right now. I've written about how eating well is beneficial for overall health. And I preach it, but people think I'm nuts :-)

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Running on Heavy said...

I can totally relate to the back pain! I have a job that requires more sitting than I care to think about. I've taken to doing a little yoga at my desk when I am able to so that I can stretch out. I wish I had caught that show on PBS! And you are not crazy about the diet - there is such a major correlation between the foods we take in and how our bodies perform. But pizza still tastes yummy :-)

Have a great rest of the week!!
Running On Heavy