Sunday, August 14, 2011

Mac Allister Park 15K

It was Fun at the "Alamo Beer Challenge" 15k last night! My friends Kelli, Domingo, Elda, and Orlando were also there along with some of their friends. We all ran the 15K. It was a real Party atmosphere before and after the race.
After the morning's 11 miler in the hills at Bandera, I tried to take a nap during the day but couldn't. I rested a bit though.
At the 7:30 PM start that night, my legs felt heavy but loosened up after a mile. The course was on asphalt through the wooded areas of Mac Allister park in San Antonio, so it felt like a trail run. I carried a handheld water bottle and a headlamp in my waist belt but never pulled out the lamp although the last two miles were in the dark.
Mac Allister park was at the outskirts of San Antonio when I was a teenager in the 70's, and was known as "North east preserve." The deer have become almost domesticated since then and watch us humans at a close distance as we walk or run through their woods.
I got into a good rhythm after 4 miles and felt good throughout. I didn't make my usual mistake of starting off too fast. I couldn't really. But I was running the best I could. At the start of the second loop I reeled in a runner wearing a camel back. We ran side by side for about half a mile exchanging pleasantries. As I inched forward, ahead of him, he picked up the pace and got in front of me. That's fine I thought. So I just ran behind him, feeding off of his pace. At the 6 mile aid station he stopped as I ran through. I didn't see him again.
It was strange how the glow sticks the last two miles were on the ground, and every five yards. Unlike most trail runs where they are so far apart sometimes you feel like you may be lost.
Even if I hadn't run in the hills at Bandera that morning, I doubt I would have done any better. My finishing time was 1:20:and change.
Post race there was beer on tap from San Antonio breweries. Alamo Brewing, Freetail Brewing, Ranger Creek Brewing, and The Blue Star Brewing company!

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