Sunday, August 21, 2011

Hill Country Road Running.

This morning I met with a few friends to run the back-roads from Boerne, TX to Babcock Rd. near loop 1604. A 19 miler for Tom and I, while the others were running 24. I usually don't run roads for long distances but the scenery on this route is very nice. The route is very hilly through ranch land with wide, long, views of the Texas Hill Country. You can see hills miles away dotted with cattle, horses, and deer. Tom and I started just outside Boerne at 6:30 A.M. While other friends started 5 miles up the road. Tom and I would start 25 minutes after them in hopes of they catching us near the end of our run.
We named the hills as we ran. Usually with some not so nice names. One short but steep hill which we reach after climbing for two miles is now known as "Little S*#t."
Tom and I ran in our HOKA'S! Tom was sporting the latest model too. These shoes are great for the road. Some have mistaken them for the shape ups or Clown shoes. But they do help cushion the pounding on the road. The pace was nice and even. We were usually at about 8:30 to 9 minutes per mile, picking it up to 8 or just under on the downhills. I would shorten my pace and pick up the cadence on the uphills. Tom thought I was a bit aggressive by doing this, but I get impatient and attack the hills.
Joe had set out some water and I also "borrowed" a little bit from another group that was running part of our route and had a couple of ice-chests out there too.
I was trying to "Drink to Thirst." As Dr. Tim Noakes (Professor of exercise) had suggested. I usually go by the old adage, "If you wait to drink until you're thirsty, It's too Late."
I felt good and strong, so I continued with this plan. Until.............At mile 16 I paused to water a tree. I had previously relieved myself and all was fine. But this time, there was a red color in my urine. Not good. This has never happened to me. Tom suggested I drink more. Later two of my friends who are in the medical field told me the same and said to keep an eye on it. I continued for three more miles feeling OK but worried.
4 hours have passed and seems all is well. I've had 5-16oz. bottles of water since the run and the color is good!
Maybe the drink to thirst thing doesn't work for me.
I am reminded of a quote from Dr George Sheehan, "We are all an experiment of one."
Oh! Gotta go! (That's a good thing)

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