Sunday, August 28, 2011

Run from home.

86 degrees at 5 AM! That is UNBELIEVABLE! Then again, the forecast was for a high of 108! This has been a terribly HOT summer in south Texas. I headed out the door at 6:15 AM towards my favorite trails, The Leon Creek greenbelt. They say the coolest part of the day is just before sunrise. It's true. I felt it this morning. It's weird but it actually felt VERY cool in the creek for a SHORT time just before the sun came up. It actually reached 110 degrees today! I shed some clothing soon after starting this morning's run (stashed my shirt at the trailhead) and ran shirtless for most of my run.
My original plans were to drive 6 miles over to Helotes TX. with my bike, run 15 miles then ride in a memorial ride for Pete Vandermey. Pete was a local runner, rider, and Tri-athlete. I rode with Pete many times out of Roger Soler's sports in Helotes on the Thursday night runs/ride. Pete was an extraordinarily very friendly guy. About 7 years ago Pete was diagnosed with Pancreatic cancer. He seemed to take it in stride and fought it for over 5 years. Going through cancer treatments, Pete still continued to ride his bicycle when he could and hung out with the guys always smiling. He knew very well that the survivor rate for those suffering from his illness was very low but he kept a stiff upper lip and continued to ride and run. Ultimately, Pete succumbed to his illness. This was the second annual ride for Pete. I didn't make it to Pete's ride. I decided to run 16 miles on the trails in Leon Creek thinking about Pete and others who I've known that have struggled with illnesses and kept fighting and smiling. Maybe the group Pete ran and rode with helped him without realizing it. Maybe that's why Pete kept coming out to ride. I feel we must continue to stay active and encourage those in our lives whether they are runners, riders, walkers, or not.
This brings to mind the cyber banter I was a part of last week. The trail (paved) series I've been running this summer has a facebook page where the organizer asks folks about different subjects concerning the races. One of the questions was about headphones and safety. I chimed in and stated it was not not a good idea and we should look out for each other instead of retreating into our own little world. Some responses were rude. Pretty much saying "I can look out for myself!" I then chimed in with the statement "That's what I love about the Trailrunning community, as apposed to roadies. most Trailrunners care about each other's safety and helping one another succeed."
We all should, look out for each other

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