Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Saturday was a good day

On a five miler today my legs were a little stiff. Otherwise I felt great on my first run since the long training run of 32 miles last Saturday. I did spin in the garage on my bike yesterday. Maybe the fact that I hadn't been on the bike for months caused some of the stiffness today too.
The run Saturday went very well. It was my longest run since the 100K in January of this year. And the longest distance I'll run until the 50 miler at the Cactus Rose trail runs on Oct. 29. I think that's all I need to do in preparation for the 50. I don't feel the need to run multiple long training runs leading into a race. A couple medium to semi long runs back to back, along with one long run 4 to 5 weeks before the race is sufficient for me. I'll now give my body the chance to recover while still getting in good quality medium distance runs. I am doing something out of the ordinary leading up to the 50 miler though. The last race of the Alamo Beer challenge is one week before the 50 and is a 20 miler. Usually I'll only run a 12 miler a week before an Ultra so proper recovery after the 20 miler is crucial.
Back to Saturday's run.
After a breakfast of a soft boiled egg on a slice of toasted sprouted bread topped with feta cheese, I started at 6 AM, running the trails in Leon Creek. I was surprised to see a large group of runners so early. It was the Soler marathon training group. I surprised some of them as they ran on the pavement and I'd pop out of the trails onto the pavement as I crossed over to other trails. At one point, just at daybreak, the coyotes living in the creek bed began to howl. A runner looked surprised as her head was turning in all directions expecting a coyote to come out of the woods. I laughed with her as we spoke a bit as I ran on the trail adjacent to the pavement. I bid her farewell and wished her a good run as I headed back to the trails.
At mile 7 I exited the woods and stopped at a convenience store to buy an energy drink. I had my 3 liter pack on and it still had enough water for another 10 miles or so. On the road to the park, My friend Lalo stopped to say Hi as he drove to work. We chatted a little, until a car came up behind his. I reached Friedrich park at mile 13.5. One loop around the rocky technical trails in the park, where I saw a runner take a terrible fall, (he had two others with him who were at his aid) and I was at mile 18. Before leaving the park I had a banana, clif bar, and drank from the water fountain. Oh and I used the potty too.
Back on the road I reached another convenience store where I bought water to refill my pack and another energy drink. I also had gels, electrolyte capsules, and trail mix for fuel.
Mile 25 and I was back on the Leon Creek trail. It was 11:00 now and getting a little warm. It would reach 100 degrees again Saturday. Day 52 of 100+ degree days this summer, and now Fall.
I was happy that I was still feeling and running good. I had returned to taking in gels and electrolyte capsules after trying to run without them. Good choice for me.
I reached my stating point (home) at 12:15 and felt really great. It was a good run.+

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