Sunday, October 2, 2011

The miles and hours fly by on the trails.
Saturday I met my friend Lalo for a planned 10 miler on the trails of Leon Creek. We began before sunrise on familiar trails to me but new to Lalo. The conversation was great and flowed like a river. We are new to each other but it seems we've known each other a long time. That's the feeling I get. We discussed how the trail running community is very welcoming and is so different from the roadies. In trail running it seems everyone is "In it together." On the trail, runners check on each other, share water, and you hear things like "Good job" "Are you OK?" At aid stations most people will share what they have. After races folks hang around and encourage others who are still on the trail and cheer other runners as they cross the finish line. You meet and make friends on trail runs and at Trail races.
Our 10 miler turned into an 11 miler and as Lalo put it, "It felt like five"
The brain plays a big part in helping our physical efforts. Music is a good stimulant, as is a good running companion.
Time passes very quickly and the effort seems so easy, when your running with good company.

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