Monday, October 3, 2011

Running I've learned..................

We can improve our well being by retracting from life for just a little while by emerging ourselves into an activity which stimulates our senses to the limit, and try to go beyond that perceived limit. Whether the activity be walking, painting, volunteering, Dancing, biking, or running. We can go alone, take others with us, or follow those who also enjoy the same activities. Listening, sharing thoughts, helping us grow, nurturing happiness. Happiness is found within us and is nurtured by sharing our thoughts and ourselves.
The activity that does it for me is running long distances. I am not special, anyone can do it if they wish. Enjoying the journey should be the goal, not speed. We should not rush the enjoyment of life.
There will always be others faster than you, others slower than you. But no one better than you if you are happy with you.

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