Saturday, October 15, 2011


It's taper weekend! Taper for the next two weeks actually. No more long runs in preparation for the Cactus Rose 50. Now it's time to think about race day strategies in terms of fuel, drop bags, and shoes.
Shoes are a serious consideration for running at Bandera. Every time I put on a different pair of running shoes I wonder if they'd be good enough to withstand the many jagged rocks on the trails at Hill Country State natural Area. Or how long they can take the rocks before my feet start to ache. The rocks out there are like no others. I've run in the mountains of California,New Mexico, Colorado, and in the Grand Canyon. They Ain't got nothing compared to the rocks at Bandera. And the rocks at Bandera have Babies! According to my friend Chris. One Colorado runner said Bandera is where rocks come to die.
With all the running shoes I have, it's going to be a tough decision. Guess I'll take a couple pair. But which ones?

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