Sunday, October 16, 2011

The good Doctor

Yesterday V. and I spent the morning walking through the Historic King William area checking out the garage sales. There was some really cool old stuff for sale. The best part was viewing all the really cool, restored, old wood frame homes. Some have so much detail in shutters, custom overhangs, and sidings with unique color patterns, from earth tones to pastels These homes built over one hundred years ago, give you a sense of when life was simpler.
I met Doctor Roberto P. Trevino. A very nice mild mannered man. Dr. Trevino, a physician specialized in internal and critical care medicine, was manning his yard sale with his wife, and son. One item for sale was the Doctor's book, "Forgotten Children" The true story of how politicians endanger children.(2009)
This book presents the dark side of the diabetes industry. The diabetes industry is a $174 Billion dollar industry! The doctor writes his book like a novel, but it presents true events. It reveals how Politicians, Bureaucrats, and special interest groups (Big Pharma, no doubt), kept a program that had shown to decrease blood sugar content away from children that were at risk. The Doctor was very passionate as we spoke. I was very interested and told him how I thought this occurs in the Cancer industry, among others, also. Why would the Cancer industry try to find a cure? I asked. They're making money TREATING cancer. Curing it would put them out of business.
We agreed it's all in what we eat. WE are in control. I told him about Dr. Roby Mitchell's quote, "You'll never medicate yourself out of diseases you behave yourself into"
He liked it, and agreed. I think my friend Lalo, also a doctor, would agree too.
I bought his book. And he signed it!
Some of my friends, family, and co-workers think I go to extremes in what I eat and how I exercise. But I'm only trying to make myself feel good and to set an example for others. I try to stick to a diet that is almost Paleo, but I do indulge in a burger now and then. And I know Paleolithic man didn't have beer! I like beer.
I try to eat well and get my nutrients from REAL food. Did you know there is Organic junk food? Dr. Phil Maffetone wrote a report on this years ago. Do you know where it went? Nowhere. The packaged Organic food industry is another one you have to be wary of. “Organic” white flour, “Organic” pure cane sugar, is still sugar and is not good.
As far as exercise, I read a good quote recently, "those who say they don't have time to exercise, will have to make time for illness later"
I have to share this link. Posted on facebook by a friend. Watch the whole video. It makes sense.

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