Saturday, November 19, 2011


The not so fit looking runners were running slow. Some not dressed in the latest running "styles."
Another group of over weight-ers were donning flashy new running gear and struggling to keep an even swift pace, running twelve minute per mile intervals.
Some self proclaimed "elites", winners of local road races, see these runners and smirk. Judge them and laugh at their efforts, form, and gear.
I heard it recently. I've seen it. Don't like it.
What do they know of these people? The "slow" runners. What is their story?
We don't know until we run them. We can learn a lot about someone by running or walking with them.
Are they beginners? If so, Fantastic!
If they've been at it for awhile, Great! They're still doing it.
Are they training for "REAL" races? Like an Ultra, multi day hike, rehabilitating from an illness, injury, or trying to stay ahead of failing health?
Many can run fast.
But it takes more effort to run when you can't run fast.
And it takes special people to support these runners.
My good friend Amanda supported a family member on her first Marathon by running with her last week.
Today, Amanda won first female at the Wild Hare 50 Mile trail race!
That's an "ELITE" runner!

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w p said...

Kudos to you on your observation Tony. I try to remember, I too was a beginner at one time.