Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Fall is here in South Central Texas.

Cold last Saturday morning, 38 degrees. 4+ mile trail run with Lalo and Tom. Wearing gloves and long sleeve shirts.
Warm and humid Sunday morning, 68 degrees. 11 mile trail run with Lalo, Tom, Chris, Amanda, and Liza. Traversing the protected habitat of the Golden Cheek Warbler in Northwest Bexar county (Open to humans in the fall and winter).
Humid this morning, Rain mid day and cool this afternoon. Nice solo tempo run in Leon Creek this afternoon. The leaves on the trees are turning colors and some were floating down to the ground, suspended in the air at times, as they fell to the ground like wounded butterflies. The sun set early and the full moon shone bright in the sky at twilight.
The time is near where I search the back end of my closet for light winter clothing. Clothing that I have owned for years. Windbreakers, vests, tights, gloves, and much more, that I have owned for years. They don't get much use here because winter only lasts for about a month. And that one month or so of winter temps come two to three days at a time within the four months of late fall and the winter season.
My favorite running vest goes back 15 years! Running winter clothes don't go out of style.
Do they?

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Jeff Farrell said...

No they don't. One of my favs is a heavy long sleeve mock tee that I bought for an astounding 40.00 during 98-99 winter season