Friday, December 16, 2011

Mud and Pizza

The pond in Leon Creek is full again! We've had so much rain that water was even trickling from a spring. A stiff north breeze was in my face as I ran past the pond. Ducks were swimming and flapping their wings as they enjoyed the rippling water. The Heron, fishing at the water's edge, turned its head to keep an eye on me as I ran by.
My original plan was to run four hours at Government Canyon State natural area but I was too lazy to drive there. Even though it's only a fifteen minute drive. Four hours in leon Creek is just as good if you're creative. My legs were a bit sore at the start and, near the end of the run, my glutes would be sore too. Yesterday's run included hill repeats with Chris up the Yucca trail at Eisenhower park. They were at about 80 percent effort too! Another running friend who saw me after the hill repeats said I was walking like quasimodo.
On the run I found it amusing when I saw several deer hoof skid marks in the mud. The raccoons prints were impressive. They seemed to handle the mud OK, but raccoons are round and lower to the ground. I couldn't help but to laugh as I envisioned the deer sliding in the mud.
Going around a tree on a tight turn I lost it! My right foot slid left across my body and down I went, falling forward, breaking my fall with my hands. I got up looking at my muddy leg and hands. I looked around to see if any deer saw me and may be chuckling. The mud was the sticky kind. The kind you can't wipe off on your shorts. And rubbing my hands on a tree only got me scratched palms. I made it to a car wash off the trail a mile ahead and rinsed my hands at the spigot in the chamois wringer.
I Tried Pizza (and gels) for fuel today after a friend told me how good Costco's pizza was. I hadn't had pizza in years! Really! The supreme pizza is full of carbs, protein, sodium. It seemed to work well. Not the best food for health but in an ultra, "there are no bad calories." I think I'll go with pizza at the Bandera 100k in three weeks.

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