Wednesday, April 4, 2012


I've often written about healthy eating on this blog. And I often speak about it to anyone who'll listen. I try to control that though. Some folks don't like to hear it. But sometimes people ask me about it seeking advice. I have no formal education on nutrition but I read more about nutrition than I do about the IT industry I'm in (Actually more than any other subject). And my iPod is updated weekly with my favorite nutrition podcasts. At work some roll their eyes and wonder out loud "what the H$ll are you eating?" Sometimes I do fall off the wagon but get right back on it as soon as possible.
Reasons I eat well and write/speak about it are, it makes me feel better and I try to set an example for those around me. Many people who are overweight and/or unhealthy want to change but find it difficult. All the while suffering through illnesses. Many think they can't do without their cookies,cake, french fries, etc. I don't find those "foods" appealing at all anymore. Stay away from them and you no longer crave them.
According to the Centers for Disease control and Prevention, One third of americans are obese. And that is an underestimate according to The Path foundation, a non profit research group.
About a year ago I was contacted by a reader of my blog and asked for ideas on an app and website she was developing that would help people eat right, exercise, and lose weight. I was flattered and gave my two cents worth.
She's done! Here is her website!
Check it out and pass it on.

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