Friday, April 6, 2012

New Toy

I received my new Garmin 110 in the mail yesterday. It's a small wrist watch sized tool that only gauges Miles,Pace and heart-rate. Oh, and it displays the time too. I still have my Garmin 301 and it still works. By todays standards, the 301 is BIG and old school (manufactured in 2005!) it's really BIG compared to the latest GPS wrist gadgets. About two years ago I told myself I wouldn't worry about distance or pace anymore. I'll just run according by time on my feet. But I found myself asking others I run with, "How far did we run?" And at the 5K last week, which was supposed to be 3 laps of 1.1 miles, I ran the first lap in 6:40! "NO WAY!" I don't run that fast! I found out each lap was just under 1 mile. I wondered what my pace really was.
I grew up with a Dad who was a statistician. Everything was put into a mathematical formula. I can still hear my Dad say "Get me a pencil!" (back before the calculator).
Our vacations were broken down into itineraries we were supposed to follow to the tee.
Bathroom break on a road trip? "Wait till we need to gas up!" Or we'd pull over by the side of the road and find a tree! Really! But only once that I can remember. My Dad would have been great at saving time running through aid stations in a trail race.
I wore my 110 this morning running the neighborhood. I ran all the streets in my small subdivision and it recorded 2.5 miles. FOR 10 YEARS I THOUGHT IT WAS 1.8!

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